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Summer, or Raumati is when New Zealand is at its best. We are outdoor active people, so just love getting out to the beach, on our boats, or even just chilling at the cricket, our summer sport. 

But we have been enjoying fresh asparagus, and of course strawberries and the summer stone fruit. I tried them last night with Divinity Pomegranate Balsamic – a perfect combination.

And now we are loving the fresh sweetcorn (after waiting to see just how good the deals get....). and it was sweet and creamy, slathered some of the fantastic Lewis Road Creamery artisan butter mixed with Waiheke Herb Spread...

Even better grilled on the barbecue, to go with fresh salads and good old sausages and steak (or if you are really lucky, so fresh kaimoana...). Try some of the great sauces we have from Aromatics,  Gringo Killer and Orcona. And as the weather heats up, our taste buds yearn for spicier foods, so try some of our chilli sauces to add spice to your summer meals

We make it easier for you to discover, buy and enjoy these and many other delicious artisan foods. At the same time we help the small artisan food producers across the country grow their business.

On Kai, you can learn more about the artisans themselves - the people with the passion behind the produce. And learn more about the places our great food comes from – the many and varied regions of NZ. Our country has some incredible natural advantages in being able to grow, breed, and harvest a huge array of foods from the land, rivers and sea. We support organic but many traditional foods in New Zealand are quite OK (just  check that they are sustainably grown and produced).

We check our artisan suppliers to ensure that their food is grown, harvested and prepared as sustainably and ethically as possible. And we identify artisans and products that are Certified organic.

Artisan food producers are the small guys in a big world, but we are committed to help them…. and make it easy for you to support them. If there is an artisan food producer you would like us to get on Kai, let us know

Please tell your friends about us, and  thanks for visiting and shopping at Kai

Ka pai


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Kai Mid Winter Christmas Collection
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